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Wednesday, February 18, 2009


Post op

Knee Rehab

Hi Gang,
The knee surgery went just fine. The doc said he trimmed off a bit of the torn meniscus. He thinks it is fixed and I will have a full recovery. I have been keeping it propped up and on ice - per doctor orders. I have not used any of the Hydrocodone yet. The pain is not bad at all. I have been taking Tylenol instead.

The photo shows my setup: TV, dog, leg propped up - I think I can weather this storm.

Until the next time and thanks for the prayers - I know you did.
John Strain


Sunday, February 15, 2009


Olympia Parade 2009

Hi Everyone, it's me Bear!

Boy, did I have fun on Valentines Day. Not only that, but a parade came by our house too. I never saw a parade before. I always had to stay at the house because they don't allow dogs. I think some dog bit someone once and now no dogs get to go to parades. It is always one joker that spoils it for the rest of us. He was probably a pit bull.

Here are some pictures of the fun. Usually, the parade passes by two blocks away, but this year they changed the route. That meant we had to have a party; and a party we had.

Bear at the parade
This is a picture of me in the truck; my vantage point for the parade. Daddy tied me in so I wouldn't jump out and get lost. See I got a football and some beads.

Bear at the parade
Daddy took this picture from our front yard. Everyone is watching the parade, but I am watching daddy.

Bear at the parade
See my beads? I didn't have them all night though, a cute little french poodle came by and I gave them to her.

Bear at the parade
We had Mr. Marty's trailer hooked up to John's truck. Trailers work like reviewing stands. The blue cup on the bumper of the truck is daddy's drink.

Bear at the parade
In this picture, I have my ball again. John is in the truck swinging a thing around. The girl in the pink is Mandy, his girlfriend.

My mama and daddy
This is a picture of my mama and daddy.

I sure had fun at the parade, but I really liked after the parade because there were hot dogs, chili, jambalaya, hamburgers, chips, king cake, and lots of other good things.

Everyone had a good time, especially me. The Mardi Gras day parade is coming by our house too, so we will do all of this all over again a week from Tuesday. I bet daddy will take pictures then too.

Well, that's my report on the Olympia Parade. I hope you enjoyed it.

Bye for now,